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We utilize best practices and concepts in project portfolio management to help our clients make the best use of available resources, align projects with their strategic goals and ultimately, increase business value and achieve the maximum return on investment.

Project Portfolio Management is a continuous process to select and manage the optimum set of project-oriented initiatives. It is a dynamic decision-making process, enabling management to reach consensus on the best use of resources to focus on projects that are achievable and strategically aligned with their business goals and objectives.

Optimal allocation and utilization of resources among projects or programs
Achieving balance in the project portfolio by ensuring an appropriate mix of high and low risk and long term and short-term projects
Constant support to projects or programs
Fewer conflicts and better communication among projects or programs
Better coordination among projects or programs

Our methodology has four major steps; creating inventory and establishing strategies, analysis, alignment and management.

Phase A: Creating Inventory and establishing strategies
Identifying business strategic objectives
Identifying all potential projects with attributes and priorities
Identifying available resources and budgets
Categorizing potential projects
Identifying gating process
Mapping projects to strategic goals

Phase B: Analysis
Establishing metrics
Summarizing project schedule, cost, budget and resource data
Organizing by business units, objectives, value, etc
Classifying, weighting and organizing projects
Finalizing gating process

Phase C: Alignment
Eliminating redundancies
Balancing resources
Mitigating risks
Modeling alternative project portfolios
Aligning all projects with resources and strategic goals

Phase D: Managing
Delaying, canceling and rescheduling projects
Redeploying resources
Canceling contracts
Revising project budgets and schedules
Initiating new projects
Launching the portfolio process and portfolio changes